The beginner’s guide to stylish men’s fashion

Stylish men’s fashion is a trending aspect of men’s fashion that has recently received a lot of spotlights. The modern-day gentleman wants to know how to dress fashionably and elegantly. 

The motivation behind stylish men’s fashion is on the increase, and it’s surprisingly directly proportional to the cost of quality and fashionable clothing over the years. No one wants to be behind in style and fashion these days. You might wonder why.

Well, the era of who-cares-what-I-wear has been superseded by one where everyone’s dressing is everyone’s cup of tea. It’s mind-blowing, but it’s the reality. 

Men’s wear has become abundant, experimental, rich, and varied. So now is an excellent time to up your style game but first, 

Are you ready to abandon your ‘No-one-cares’ attitude and adopt a whole new ‘All-eyes-on-me’ mentality? Do you care to develop a unique dressing style but don’t know how? Do you have a working style, but you wish to improve on it? Well, you’re at the right place. I wrote this piece to help show you the ABCs of stylish men’s fashion. 

Stylish men's fashion

The Basics of Stylish men’s fashion

I am a great believer in understanding the basics because once you can grasp the basics of anything, you can build upon them as building blocks as you gain more knowledge about fashion. Now, let’s look at nine essential tips that will introduce you to stylish men’s fashion and have you looking classy when you abide by them. 

Trash the fashion myths 

One fundamental step towards learning is unlearning. It’s a simple rule which applies to everything. For instance, every good fashion book will tell you to declutter so that you can throw in new stuff in your wardrobe. Similarly, the fastest way to adopt a concept is to do away with your old perceptions. 

This approach should be applied to your dressing style. Fashion myths aren’t just general men’s talks like “that color is a no-no” or “Flowery patterns are so feminine.” They are those excuses you give yourself so that you can happily commit a fashion blunder. If you don’t get rid of them, they’ll frustrate your efforts to improve your style. 

Take a look at super stylish men.

No one was born with a super intuition about the exact things to wear and look stylish and classy. However, the elites of the fashion world have taken pains to figure it out. 

Since there’s no such thing as a brand new idea and trying to develop a personal style out of nothing will be a miracle. You need to surround yourself with super stylish men and engross yourself deeply into the world of stylish men’s fashion, so you can learn and have an improved personal style. 

You can follow stylish men on their social media handles, read about them, watch fashion shows and movies. These are ways to help you get ideas and eventually settle for a comfortable style.

Wear clothes that fit

Half of the time you empty your wardrobe on your bed because you can’t find what to wear, as the clothes you’ve tried on don’t fit. Most times, wearing clothes that are the right size is just the solution to your constant worry of not knowing what to wear. 

A guy could still look unflattering in an expensive three-piece suit, standing next to a guy who looks dashing, rocking a fitted T-shirt and Jeans. 

Normalize buying and wearing fitted clothes. You could get your measurements done and take them with you whenever you go shopping. Also, you can order custom-fitted clothes from mrgillyscloset. I aim to please.

Get a quality watch that fits.

If you care about being stylish, don’t say,’ I don’t do watches’; instead, ask ‘which watch fits.’ The power of a quality watch that fits can never be underestimated in stylish men’s fashion.

Which is it? Round face, square face, boldface, small face. Take your time to select one that looks sleek around your wrist. Because what is the style behind a nice outfit without a nice watch to complement it? 

Get quality shoes

When it comes to stylish men’s fashion, shoes are usually the last piece that completes the puzzle. If you are going to develop a personal style, you might want to invest in some quality shoes. 

Most times, it’s the shoe that makes the style complete. And when I say shoes, I mean proper dress shoes that are appropriate for your outfits.

classy man

Be generous with colors.

It’s not written anywhere that men must wear dull colors like grey, brown, and plain colors. It would help if you learned how to dress according to your mood. 

There’s nothing wrong with a nice green suit or a purple tuxedo for a change. A nice shirt with flowery patterns can effortlessly lift your mood any day. And it also has the same effect on those around you.

Don’t always rely on the salesman.

Kings, how do you do your shopping? Do you shop alone? What do you have in mind before making your selections and buying decisions? Do you rely only on what the salesman tells you? What happened to your style and taste? It will do you good to shop with a close friend or family. Yes, the salesman may know what you want, but he’ll always be biased. He wants to make sales, so you might end up getting things you won’t need. 

Grooming is fashionable

Stylish men’s fashion has as much to do with the body dressed up as it has to do with the clothes and accessories worn. Your hairstyle must be perfect, your skin well cared for, your nails groomed. Everything about you should be in sync with your style. 

The lesser the accessories, the more stylish 

There’s more style in fewer accessories. A few rings, a watch, a hat, a necklace. The most important thing is quality.


This list is not all-inclusive, but you have all the basics to start on your path to a perfect, stylish men’s fashion. I wish you all the best. And you can follow me on IG @mrgilly87 and @mrgillyscloset for style inspiration.