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About Me

We’re here to allow your inner personality to seep through artistic clothing.

“Do it with style.” Everything from picking the right pieces and accessories to create the perfect outfit, to wearing the well-crafted look. For us, in designing the artistic garments that make you stand out.

I am your trusted friend, Jean Gilbert Francillon. A designer obsessed with colors and shape has an eye for patterns and a father to two boys. After a promising debut of the GarçonCouture Menswear Collection and with over 15 years working in menswear, I’ve developed a reputation for building bold content that inspires. And I am here to offer the same treatment for you here at MrGillyscloset.

Each and every piece starts with my inspiring board. Doing a lot of analysis on each colour, material, and design, the precise process brings to life ideas and allows me to view my thoughts differently. My goal is to bring you, my clients, the indisputable evidence of my mastery of design and fabrics as if you are personally with me. Every crease, every hue, and every silhouette is a well-thought concept made to make you see how each piece of clothing will help your personality seep through clothing. And you’ll experience this as you browse the collection.

MrGillyscloset’s wardrobe. Mrgillyscloset’s mission is to outfit men (as well as women who dare to be brave and enjoy menswear). “Do it in style,” as our slogan suggests. I believe in “The outfit doesn’t makes you, you make the outfit.” That is why I strive to make objects that will last. I spend a lot of time studying my designs and the fabrics I’ll be using to make my finished items. Fabrics play an important role in my concept. Normally, the materials I use for my work last longer.