How to Find Your Personal Style as a Fashionable Man

How to find your personal style is a question most gentlemen look for the answer to, as they want to have a unique style that they can be associated with them. 

The first step to looking classy isn’t following all the current trendy styles. Rather, it’s about sticking to your style. 

But do you have an idea of how to find your personal style? Some people suggest that when you look for style motivation around you and try different things with fashion, you can create your distinct style.

However, there’s more to that. So I want to give you some tested and trusted tips on how to find your personal style as a modern-day gentleman who loves fashion. Ready? Read on.

find your personal style

4 tips to help you find your style as a fashionable man

So here are a few essential tips on how to find your personal style as a fashionable man who wants to do it with style. 

  • Know your body size.

Men come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re tall, short, lean or buff, you have a size. And your sense of style should portray that, with an emphasis on enhancing your stature. 

Take a good, long look in the mirror and make a valid assessment of your body type. You can compare what you see in the mirror to any body size chart online. Knowing your body size and build is the first step to help you find your personal style. So you know to go for clothes that will complement you well. 

  • Go through your wardrobe to find what works

What are the best outfits in your wardrobe? These are the clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident when you wear them. Fit is important when it comes to styling and the way you wear your clothes. It’s the man that makes the outfit.  

Look at the clothes that you like to wear because they fit and you’re confident in them, and then take note of what they share in common. Use this new-found knowledge to pick out the unfit clothes that make you look out of style from your closet. 

A nice outfit will never be classy unless you are fully confident in your choice. Therefore, wearing custom-fitted clothing will solve 90% of your style problems. 

  • Your wardrobe should consist of neutral colors.

Every man’s closet should be filled with neutral-colored dresses. What do I mean by neutral colors? These are a classic choice of colors that isn’t overpowering. 

Examples of neutral colors are black, navy blue, olive, brown, white, and grey. There’ll be no need to learn how to match colors, when you’re learning to find your personal style if your wardrobe contains neutral colors. Also, neutral colors act as a plain canvas for you to pair them with bold prints.

  • Follow fashionable gentlemen that you admire

Associating yourself with fashionable people is essential when you want to upgrade your style. You can choose one or two stylish gentlemen you share similar physical appearance with and love their fashion style. They will act as your style icons, and you can draw fashion inspiration from them. There are so many men with great fashion sense on the gram that you can follow. 

However, you don’t have to copy their style in every sense, like going out to buy what they are wearing if you don’t have it, the goal is for you to see how they combine colors and patterns so that you can do the same with the clothes in your wardrobe.


With the above tips given, you will be able to get a good head start towards finding your personal style. You can always check out my personal and business Instagram pages of @mrgilly87 and @mrgillyscloset for style inspirations.